Brewery visit

Have you always wanted to know the story behind Stadsbrouwerij Gruut? Or do you want to know how Gruut beer is made or how it tastes? Then a visit to our brewery is what you are looking for! After a tour, the brewing process and the brewery itself will no longer have any secrets for you! Except for one: the secret recipe to our beers.

From 8 persons
(If less than 8 persons : if possible to join another group)

Max. 80 persons

Explanation about the brewing process
+ 3 tasters:
11.00 € per person

Explanation about the brewing process
+ 3 tasters
+ speciality bites of Ghent (cheese Ghent, pate gruut (with Gruut Amber),
pressed headmeat, Breydel bacon, olives and Tierenteynmustard):

16.00 € per person


Reservations: Tel: +32 (0)9 269 02 69 / E-mail: